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At Viva Verde Commercial Capital, It’s All About You

Viva Verde’s world reflects the neighborhoods where our clients work, live and play — diverse, multi-layered communities bursting with life and energy. Here, everyday people own and run small businesses that proudly serve their neighbors! Viva Verde supports these small businesses by providing commercial real estate loans.


About You

Do you own and operate a local business? If so, congratulations! You are part of the backbone of our community. You offer important products or services. And provide jobs that local people need.

To keep your doors open, prosper, and grow, you may be in need of a commercial real estate loan. But whether you own a new business or have been part of the community for decades, you know that these loans can be hard to come by. Some bankers and lenders may not put your needs at the top of their list.

That’s why you should get to know Viva Verde Commercial Capital.

About Us

Viva Verde Commercial Capital caters to underserved businesses that are often overlooked by traditional lenders. We focus on small-balance commercial real estate loans in California. We look forward to being your trusted lending partner, helping you get the funding you need to be successful.

To learn more about the wide range of projects we are supporting in many diverse communities, visit the What We Do page.



The heart and soul and driving force behind Viva Verde Commercial Capital, Henry is a dynamic and enthusiastic individual known for his unwavering dedication to his clients’ success.

With more than four decades of expertise in the banking sector, including bilingual mortgage lending, commercial loan underwriting, funding, mortgage pool investing, acquisition, servicing, and origination of commercial real estate loans, Henry wakes up each morning with an ambitious, passionate commitment to the small business community. As Henry puts it: “We plan to generate a billion-dollar portfolio that will empower our communities with the capital they need to grow and prosper.”

To learn more about Henry’s career and background, see below:

Henry Villasenor

Henry’s career highlights.

The early years (1976-1997)

HENRY VILLASEÑOR’S journey through the world of banking and loans had humble beginnings. From Hollywood to Newport Beach, from Beverly Hills to East L.A., Henry has worked in many communities and touched the lives of thousands of clients.


Hired as a bank teller in 1976, Henry was soon promoted to Operation Manager at State Mutual Savings and Loan in Hollywood. He eventually became a loan agent trainee, learning many of the key concepts of real estate loans. Other early career highlights include:


  • Loan Agent at Columbia Savings & Loan Association, where he was the only Spanish-speaking loan agent.
  • Loan agent at La Casa Financial, Inc., originating and funding jumbo and construction home loans
  • President and Founder of Monarch Lending Group, Inc., where he spent over a decade as a residential and commercial real estate broker for financial institutions across the United States.


Growing commercial lending expertise (1997-2023)

The middle years of Henry’s career were spent with Brownstone Mortgage Capital Corporation in Santa Ana. Henry served proudly as Executive Vice President for Brownstone, a highly regarded direct commercial mortgage lender.

This is where Henry “developed his chops” and came into his own. He will always be grateful for his years with this wonderful team of professionals.


Meet Viva Verde Commercial Capital (2023-Present)

Henry’s new “forever business home” is Viva Verde Commercial Capital, where he is CEO and Founder. Viva Verde “Live Green!” services:

  • Commercial real estate broker/lender/manager
  • Plan to become a General Partner for mortgage fund partnerships
  • Viva Verde originates, underwrites, and arranges commercial financing
  • Viva Verde caters to underserved business owners in minority communities


Commitment to family, the community, and a life well lived

Henry lives in Orange County, CA with his wife, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and their son, who is pursuing a master’s degree in the UK. And let’s not forget Chip, their 14-year-old Terre-poo.


The Villaseňor family enjoys the outdoors, music, art, travel, live music & entertainment, different cuisines, and cultures. Henry also has a deep appreciation for small business owners — especially those in diverse communities and urban neighborhoods where commercial real estate loans are often difficult to come by.