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Bigger Isn’t Always Better: The Joys of Small Balance Lending

Most lenders and investors favor high-end, large-scale commercial real estate loans. This fact of life creates stress for thousands of serious, experienced income property and small business owners needing reliable resources for small balance lending (SBL). This bedrock sector of the California business community is further challenged by the stresses of ongoing high interest rates.

Viva Verde Commercial Capital believes our economy only works when smaller borrowers can access affordable commercial capital. Our CEO and his many lending partners have long specialized in solving the many challenges our community copes with, day after day.

Please share your needs and goals with us. We’ll get to work finding solutions that work for you.

man standing with arms outstretched on a mountain at sunrise

Lending for Houses of Worship: Principles we live by at Viva Verde Commercial Capital

Mar 21, 2024

The thoughts below are inspired by something I read recently in Relevant Magazine, an article titled, “Seven Ways Jesus’ Life Teaches Us How to Make an Impact.” It’s not an article about religion. But it does share some timeless wisdom.

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Black businesswoman leading a meeting

Black small business owners upbeat about 2024

Mar 8, 2024

A recent article in Dallas Weekly. concluded that Black small business owners entered 2024 with a renewed sense of optimism and an expectation that their businesses will grow in the coming year. The article highlighted a JPMorgan Chase report, the 2024 Business Leaders Outlook survey. Interestingly, Black small business owners are more optimistic about the…

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Group of latin business people

The Hispanic Wealth Project promotes Latino small business ownership

Mar 8, 2024

After the Great Recession, a group of Hispanic business leaders created the Hispanic Wealth Project™ (HWP). Founded by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP®), HWP promotes three key goals for the Latino community: Latino business owner interests and opportunities The Hispanic Wealth Project promotes the wealth-building potential of business ownership. Self-employed Latino…

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